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ฺBidvertiser use for Advertising for website and Blog Bidvertiser is Best alternative to google adsense. Bidvertiser publishers program also didnt reject your website (mostly) as Adsense always do. Bidvertiser only has a $10.00 minimum payout, whereas Adsense’s is $100.00 so we can say that Bidvertiser is also good for small Bloggers with low traffic. Bidvertiser publishers didnt need to collect tons of traffic as adsense tends us to do. Bidvertiser won’t ban you for no reason- Adsense will! Bidvertiser counts more clicks as valid. Adsense does not count many of our clicks because they consider them “accidental”. ! [Additional] Bidvertiser Network Types : CPC, PPC, CPA Bidvertiser Statistics Updated: Daily
Chitika allows you to display ads on your blog, websites or mobile ads, with content from our high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted. mobile and local ads to best target your users. Become a publisher today and bring your revenue to whole new level with Chitika. Features : The best thing about Chitika is that you can use Chitika with Google AdSense. If you are using AdSense, you can also apply for Chitika Publisher Account. Another good thing about Chitika is that it provides two options to request money via PayPal or by checks. Payments are send after your account earns at least $10 for PayPal payouts or $50 for checks. Chitika charges advertisers to be featured alongside your site's content. At the end of every month you are paid based on the previous month's earnings (Net 30). You can earn more cash with Chitika's Referral Program. Every Chitika Publisher has a unique referral link (On My Account Page). You can join your friends under you and earn 10% of your referred publishers' for the first 15 months they use Chitika. CPC (cost-per-click) is far better than other Advertising networks. Free of cost. You don't have to spend anything for making Publisher Account. Quick Approval Process. Get approved for publisher's account in 3 business days.
Clicksor allows them to match pre-selected keywords or product types within particular internet content. The advertising formats include inline text links, banners, graphical and rich media banners and pop-under ads. Payment for these ads may be on a CPC/PPC, CPV/PPV, CPM and CPI basis.Clicksor places ads appropriately using 9 targeting methods: 1. Geo Targeting 2. Channel Targeting 3. Time Targeting 4. Keyword Targeting 5. Retargeting 6. OS Targeting 7. Device Targeting 8. ISP Targeting 9. Language Targeting ++ Publishers ++ In the publishers’ point of view, they can earn revenue from their web traffic. After signing up for an account, publishers can place a Clicksor ad code to display on their sites. Based on the advertisers’ selections of keywords, ads are distributed to these websites depending on their site content and relevancy. Publishers can place an assortment of text/image banners, rich media banners, full page pop-unders and interstitial ad codes that best suit the design of their website

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What is Google AdSense?? Google AdSense is a easy way to earn money from your site. AdSense display relevant and engaging ads on your website. If someone visit your website and click on the ad, you will get paid for it. Google AdSense is a best way to earn money sitting at home. But it is only possible if you have a good website with unique content. For making websites or web applications, you need to have knowledge of programming language. Don't worry. I'll tell you some tips. It is for those who don't have programming language knowledge. How to make Money with AdSense : You can't directly earn from AdSense. You have to follow some steps. The steps are as under : Do you already have a Website or a Blog? If yes, then you can apply for AdSense any time. Just visit Google AdSense website and submit your form. It will take a week or more than a week and after that you will get approval letter if your website follows AdSense policies. Step by Step 1.Select the ad you want on your site.More options mean more opportunities for revenue. Choose the right ad types and formats for your site. Ad types include text, display, or a mix of the two. Explore our wide variety of ad formats. 2.Choose where you want ads to appear Copy and paste a piece of code on your site where you want to show ads. 3.Watch the highest paying ads go live. Advertisers bid for your ad space in a real-time auction. 4.Leave the money stuff to us. We’ll handle the process of billing the advertisers and networks. When ads are seen or clicked, you’ll automatically earn money. You get paid once you’ve accrued a certain minimum amount.
     AFFILATE PROGRAM :  Programe make money by partner you can bring product and service come suggess post on website .When Customer buy product or service .Company will pay money with you rate pay up to conditioner between webmaster and Company. I suggess Bussineess from Travel and Hotel Because Human will pay money for stay and Travel a lot of more than.

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